English Speaking Classes in Hongkong

Significance of English in Hongkong

Hong Kong is a highly urbanized society. This historical city is also a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. It has a key position in the global financial market. Being ranked as the most economically free market in the world, the top multinational companies of the world have set up their regional headquarters in this city.

There are as many as 1300 companies having headquarters in Hong Kong, a special administrative region of China.
English is one of the three chief languages spoken in Hong Kong. It is widely used in the government establishments, professional and other business sectors. Trade remains the trade mark of Hong Kong’s economy. Service and manufacturing are the dominant sectors. There is a strong demand for English and students and parents consider English as the key to a successful career. It is difficult to get good jobs in the private companies without proficiency of English.

Majority of parents and students are seeking schools where medium of instruction is English. Industry and business leaders fear that Hong Kong may fall below its position as an important financial centre due to English incompetency. Today, there is a renewed pledge in the entire Hong Kong society to create a workforce with stronger English skills.

Benefits of WizMantra English Speaking Classes in Hongkong

More and more students find online tutoring to be a very reliable way to learn the English language. Some of the benefits of online tutoring services are:

  • Convenience: One need not commute back and forth between home and a tutoring center.‬
  • 24/7 Anytime, Anywhere: Irrespective of where you live, you can join online tutoring at anytime and schedule your sessions as per your convenient time.
  • Tailor-made Courses: If required, online tutors can design courses to suit your requirement.
  • No Compromises: You can select your perfect tutor from a wide range of expert tutors.
  • One-on-One Session: You will get undivided attention of your teacher as sessions are conducted one-on-one.